UVC Room Disinfector
  • UVC Room Disinfector
  • UVC Room Disinfector
  • UVC Room Disinfector

UVC Room Disinfector

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Design and Development: Biomedical Physics & Technology Department, Dhaka University.

Manufacturer: Bibeat Ltd (founded by a Professor of Dhaka University).

Made in Bangladesh.

Tested and Certified by Microbiology Department of Square Hospital.

UVC Lamps are from reputed European (Philips) or Japanese manufacturers.


1. UV lamp tower on wheels for easy movement.

2. UV lamp switching options:

   i. Wireless control from outside a closed room using an Android phone.

   ii. Manual push button switching on the unit with variable timer to allow personnel to come out of room before the UV lamps get energized.

3. Auto turn off after pre-set time for disinfection.

4. Easy installation, low-maintenance with highest operational safety.



1. UVC lamps, Vertical: 3 x 36W, 33”

2. UVC Lamps, Horizontal: 9 x 11W, 9”

3. UVC Lamps from reputed European (Philips) or Japanese manufacturers.

4. Rated Life of Lamps: 9000 Hours.

5. Maximum width of Table top : 20”

6. Supply Voltage: 220V AC.

7. Power Consumption: 300W (approx.).

1 year warranty on main device.