YZ-200B X-Ray Machine 200mA
  • YZ-200B X-Ray Machine 200mA

YZ-200B X-Ray Machine 200mA

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Model: YZ-200B

Group: Infants and Young Children

Medical Devices Reg./Record No.: Su20010304

Origin: Jiangsu, China


Main Technical Parameter:

- 200mA.

- Single bed with single tube.

- Rotary anode X-ray tube unit tangential annular tubes.

- Single-phase full-wave rectification high-voltage generator.

- Power volage(V) photograph kilovolt(kV), infinitely variable control and electric mechanism.

- Be equipped with the manostat for the filament of X-ray tube and space charge complementor.

- Photographic volume, kV, mA and s, subsection, grading and interlock protection.

- Adopt the digital circuit timer. Grading according to R10 pririty coefficient, which is exact in time control.

- High-voltage primary uses the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of large power.

- Photographic bed can move in length and breadth.

- The photographic bed, upright and vibrating ray-filter are in a whole without top and bottom track.

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